stephen hawking (mchammerpants) wrote in chili_cookoff,
stephen hawking


alright so it seems like everyone wants to be a judge. like all 5 people that are coming so far. anyway, i think the judges are going to be eric raymond, lex, and my dad. i was going to be a judge, but then i thought, "its my cookoff. why should i have to work? so i'll let my dad do it." but here is how the judging system works.

each judge gets a vote, or maybe two depending on how many people show their ugly faces, and they vote for their favorite(s). also, everyone that shows up will also get to cast a vote for their favorite. the winner of the popular vote gets one additional vote that is equivalent to each of the judges votes. get it? i do.

so yeah, if you want to be in it, you should fill out an application to be a contestant. cause uh, space is filling up. right.
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