stephen hawking (mchammerpants) wrote in chili_cookoff,
stephen hawking

this was before i announced the winners, i told all the contestants "thumbs up, tounges out." kt had cookie in her mouth so she made a super tough face instead.

the judges...

bean kept saying that his chili was made with all fresh ingredients. you can see in this picture that he cooked the shit out of them.

diana made some fancy chili with pasta. eric thinks that she just bought a can of skyline chili.

oh yeah, and she got second place.

maggie made some curry chili but i guess i dont have any pictures of that.

and kt and alicia made some crazy chili burgers, but i dont have any pictures of them either. but yeah, they won.

so yeah, the chili cookoff was sweet. there will be more pictures up shortly, i have to scan a series of about 20 pictures of eric shredding...
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